Fences and Gates

Good fences make for good neighbors but that’s not always you might want to build a fence on your property. Now an Integral part of many landscape designs do more than just provide security and privacy. They can also provide beautiful eye appealing aesthetics to your property.

Blue Dog Exteriors is a fence and gate building contractor based out of Cambridge, On. We specialize in building fences and gates out of wood, vinyl, chain link and ornamental designs.


Wood Fencing- Pressure treated (PT) wood fencing is the most economical and can be installed in numerous styles. Either white or western red cedar is an alternative. Cedar does not warp or distort as much as PT fencing and it takes paint or stain much better. The cost is substantially higher using cedar with western red cedar shipped from the west being the most expensive. There are many styles to choose from on a wooden fence. You can get full privacy, semi-private or just a fence to border your property. Blue Dog Exteriors specializes in designing and building beautiful fences and gates out of wood.


Vinyl Fencing – Vinyl fencing is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Many people use the term”PVC” fence or “vinyl” fence meaning the same thing. Vinyl or PVC is widely used in many exterior products. Window and door frames are made from vinyl as well as a lot of siding materials., soffit and fascia. Vinyl is environmentally friendly as it can all be recycled. if you are looking for a fence that is fairly economical, low maintenance and extremely durable.A well cared for vinyl fence will last a very long time.


Ornamental Iron Fencing – Ornamental, Iron or Aluminum fencing comes in many styles and heights and makes for a beautiful decorative fence. At Blue Dog Exteriors we use Medallion Fence products. The fencing from Medallion is top notch and you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or bent like other light-duty ornamental fencing. The steel sue is thicker and larger. if you pick a piece of medallion Fence nd one from a big box store you will understand the difference. If you are looking a beautiful decorative fence then Blue Dog Exteriors


Chain link Fencing– Chain Link Fence comes in 2 basic types, galvanized steel, and vinyl coated. Chain Link provides a more economical way to kep your poperty safe and secur. Both ae avaible in industrial and rsidentail grades. Chain Link fencing is the most eonomical compr to othr fences of comaable height and length. It does not offer privcey but it is a geat way to fence in pets and children. The most popular clour is black for residential and galvanied for commercial applictions. Black works well in residential applications as your visiblity is not compromised. Heights vary from 3″ To 6″ high on standard available products. We can also be creative and use wooden, vinyl or larger diameter steel posts to enhance the appearance.

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