Chain Link Fence comes in 2 basic types, galvanized steel and vinyl coated. Chain link provides a more economical way to keep your property safe and secure. Both are available in industrial and residential grades. Chain Link fencing is the most economical to other fences of comparable height and length. It does not offer privacy but it is a great way to fence in pets and children. The most popular colour is black for residential and galvanized for commercial applications. Black works well in residential applications as your visibility is not compromised. Heights vary from 3’ to 6’ high on standard available products. We can also be creative and use wooden, vinyl or larger diameter steel posts to enhance the appearance.

GALVANIZED 2” DIAMOND: Is a silver colour protective coating applied to the chain link and framework. Galvanize fences provide years of maintenance free protection. Available in 11 gauge light duty or 9 gauge.

VINYL COATED 2″ DIAMOND: A vinyl coating is added over the galvanized steel core available in black, green or brown. Vinyl coated mesh can be installed with either a galvanized frame work, or for a more elegant look the galvanized framework is powder coated in colour to match the chain link. Available in 11 gauge light duty or 9 gauge heavy duty.

VINYL COATED POOL 1-1/2” DIAMOND MESH: Many municipalities require 1-1/2” diamond chain link to enclose pools. This product helps prevent children from getting a hand or foot hold to climb the fence. It is important to verify with your local City or Municipality planning office to see what the requirements are in your area. Some home owners are surprised when they have to change their fence.