Fiberglass Structural & Non-structural Columns

The advantage of using fiberglass columns is that they can be painted any colour to match existing house trim and accents. There usually is a significant cost advantage of using fiberglass columns over wood or vinyl columns. They are very popular for new homes and builders because of the cost and low maintenance features. Once you paint fiberglass columns with a good quality paint you should not have to touch them for at least 10 years. Some structural fiberglass manufacturers do not recommend painting the columns a dark colour especially if they are in the sun. In the Canadian climates there should not be an issue but it is a precaution that is recommended. Please make sure you are aware of the manufacturers warranty and conditions.


  • Posts & Columns can be cut to fit
  • Structural and Non-structural columns available
  • Fibreglass with strengthening resins
  • Sometimes they are pre-primed white but if not priming will be required

  • Can be matched with any latex paint colour
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  • Top & bottom trim packages are available with the various hardware