Glass railings whether in aluminum, vinyl or wood have been very popular in the last few years. Customers like the look of glass and the unblocked view to their backyard, lake or just watching people pass by on their porch.

There is many options using glass whether clear, coloured, framed, frameless or etched for privacy. Glass railings must be tempered for safety just like large windows for your home or business. Since, the glass is a single pane it is generally 5-6mm thick if it is framed or 8-12mm thick if frameless. Frameless glass will have no top rail therefore not blocking your line of site. This is very appealing to customers on a lake or overlooking their gardens or swimming pools.

Glass railings are generally more expensive than a standard picket railing style. The thicker the glass the more expensive it will be for your railing. Also, frameless has to have radius and polished edges which adds to the cost as well.

Some customers are worried about kids or pets making their glass railings smeared with finger, paw and nose prints. This can be an issue but most people only clean their house windows once or twice a year so glass railings wouldn’t require any more cleaning. Some customers have sprayed anti-fog or other sprays that have helped if they had concerns.

All of our glass railings are Ontario Building Code approved, unlike many other products on the market today. Customers need to ensure the railings they purchase are engineered for their application. There is important push out tests that an approved laboratory must perform to ensure the Ontario Building Codes are met. There must be approved lengths, heights and glass thickness to ensure the safety of your friends and family. So, come to Blue Dog Exteriors and we will look after you with the right glass railing product for your application.

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