Railing Installation Contractor Cambridge Ontario

Railings are an integral part of any deck or porch system.  Not only do your railings provide aesthetic appeal but they are an important safety feature as well.  If you have small children or frequently entertain guests or are planning a large event then you can appreciate the need to have a safe outdoor area for people to enjoy.  This becomes even more important on decks and patios that are elevated, or can be accessed via a set of stairs.  A great railing will be safe, durable and enhance the look of your deck, patio or staircase.

Blue Dog Exteriors is a railing contractor based out of Cambridge, Ontario.  We specialize in the sales and installation of railing systems for decks, porches, patios and staircases for both residential and commercial clients.

Wood RailingsWood RailingsWood railings are a dying selection for the front porch of an average home. All new homes being built do not use wood products on their porch exterior railings. The initial cost, priming and painting do not make them an attractive option for the home builder. Also, priming and painting is seasonal so who wants to come back or move in with an unfinished home or business. They also require ongoing maintenance to make them look attractive and builders do not want call backs from customers for repairs or replacement. Although some customers still want wood porches especially on heritage or older stone homes. The wood railings give the home character and match the original railing design of the house.

Vinyl RailingsVinyl Railings – Vinyl railings are very popular to replace wood railings on front porches. It takes a keen eye to notice any difference once they have been installed for 6 months and lost their sheen. Vinyl or pvc railings are manufactured from the same material as vinyl windows. 90% of the windows sold today to homeowners are all vinyl frames. The warranty on vinyl railings is 50 years or life time so you will never have to paint or stain again. This is why the trend for the past 5-10 years for home builders is to use vinyl railings rather than wood railings.


Aluminum RailingsAluminum Railings – Aluminum railings are very popular to replace wrought iron railings from the 50’s and 60’s on front porches. Many customers use them on commercial buildings or decks for their homes. Most high rise condo’s or apartment buildings use aluminum railings too.  Cost effective, durable and with a wide range of colors, and design styles to choose from we can help you find the perfect aluminum railings for your home or building.


Glass Deck RailingsGlass RailingsGlass railings whether in aluminum, vinyl or wood have been very popular in the last few years. Customers like the look of glass and the unblocked view to their backyard, lake or just watching people pass by on their porch.  There is many options using glass whether clear, coloured, framed, frameless or etched for privacy. Glass railings must be tempered for safety just like large windows for your home or business. Since, the glass is a single pane it is generally 5-6mm thick if it is framed or 8-12mm thick if frameless. Frameless glass will have no top rail therefore not blocking your line of site. This is very appealing to customers on a lake or overlooking their gardens or swimming pools.