Decking Aluminum

Aluminum Leak Proof Decking
The aluminum decking we use has a locking seal and continuous gutter technology. It provides a gap-less floor for waterproof decking and roof covering with single layer construction. Aluminum decking is absolutely watertight underneath with no additional plywood or membranes required. The deck boards lock together under pressure to form a waterproof joint. In the unlikely event that any moisture gets past the pressure lock, there is an integral gutter in each deck board to carry it away.

No Slip Decking
The heavy-duty powder coat finish has an embedded crumbled media for unmatched non-skid performance.
The aluminum decking is available in two colours, Desert Sand, and Grey. Desert Sand is the perfect match for some of our railing styles and it’s a nice light earth tone colour that goes with many home colour schemes. The Grey colour compliments any architectural decor, and for wood fans, it mimics the look of weathered cedar.

Get the benefits of aluminum decking:

” Eliminates painting, staining, and waterproofing.
” No splintering, cracking, fading, rotting or warping
” No nail/screw popping, hidden fasteners
” It can’t burn or tear like membranes, won’t degrade from UV like plastics and composites
” Non-combustible: aluminum will not ignite or burn, it doesn’t melt until 1,220° F (660° C)
” Excellent thermal conductor, it’s cool to the touch and won’t hold heat like other materials
” It’s Green: aluminum can be recycled indefinitely
” It’s truly non-skid, the safe choice for your friends and family
” It will outlast any wood, membrane or plastic based product
” Waterproof: create living space below your deck and ensure that the support structure will be protected from the elements, virtually eliminating any chance of rot, mildew or decay

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