Porch Posts and Columns

Blue Dog Exteriors- We specialize in the sales and installation of posts and columns for decks, patios, and porches in both residential and commercial settings.


Wood Porch Columns – Blue Dog Exteriors can supply wood columns and porch posts for the wood enthusiast. Not too many customers want wood on the exterior of their homes any longer as the low maintenance products are more attractive to the average homeowner. Wood still looks great and it looks very attractive inside the home in a stained colour to match the natural wood trim. Wood columns and porch posts are still wanted for heritage homes and customers that want to maintain the original look of their homes. Our ancestors would be proud if we could maintain the originality of the house they designed and built


Vinyl Porch Columns – The advantage of using vinyl porch posts and columns is that no painting or staining will ever be required. If you require a specific colour to match your house trim or siding then you will have to use either wood or fiberglass. Wood is rarely used on the exterior of homes any longer. Most customers want a low maintenance solution with a lifetime warranty. Structural porch posts and columns are strengthened by using an aluminum insert. We can also supply internal wood support for economic reasons on some styles.

Fibreglass Porch Columns – The Advantage of using fiberglass columns is that they can be painted any colour to match existing house trim and accents. There usually is a significant cost advantage of using fiberglass columns over wood or vinyl columns. They are very popular for new homes and with builders because of the cost and low maintenance features, Once you paint fiberglass columns with a good quality paint you should not have to touch them for at least 10 years. Some structural fiberglass manufacturers do not recommend painting the columns a dark colour especially if they are in the sun. In the Canadian climates, there should be an issue but as a precaution that is not recommended. please make sure you are aware of the manufactures warranty and conditions.


Aluminium Porch Columns – Aluminum porch posts and columns are the choice of architects and renovators for achieving superior style and elegance. These products can be used as both decorative component or can also be used as a load bearing support for rooftops and overhead extensions. Aluminum products are extruded and therefore they are straight, square or round and cannot be formed like a turned wood porch post.

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