Vinyl Railing

1) Vinyl Railing
Vinyl railings are very popular to replace wood railings on front porches. It takes a keen eye to notice any difference once they have been installed for 6 months and lost their sheen. Vinyl or PVC railings are manufactured from the same material as vinyl windows. 90% of the windows sold today to homeowners are all vinyl frames. The warranty on vinyl railings is 50 years or lifetime so you will never have to paint or stain again. This is why the trend for the past 5-10 years for home builders is to use vinyl railings rather than wood railings. Blue Dog has many colours and design options. We can make your porch or deck look great. If you want a colonial style spindle or a straight spindle we have the style for you.
All of our products are Ontario Building Code approved, unlike many other products on the market today. Customers need to ensure the railings they purchase are engineered for their application. There is important push out tests that an approved laboratory must perform to ensure the Ontario Building Codes are met. There must be approved lengths, heights and picket/spindle spacing to ensure the safety of your friends and family. So, come to Blue Dog Exteriors and we will look after you with the right vinyl railing product for your application.
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