Wood Decks

In the opinions of some people there is nothing better than a quality pressure treated wood deck. Others want a natural wood product like western red cedar or Ipe when building a deck. Pressure treated wood decks are the most economical solution to build, although they can have the highest annual maintenance cost. Cedar is approximately double the cost of a pressure treated deck and Ipe will be approximately double a cedar deck. The lifespan of a maintained pressure treated and cedar deck is approximately 25 years. Ipe is said to last 100 years.
Pressure treated decks are the most popular due to being the lowest cost to build. If a customer wants a deck and are do-it-yourselfers from a staining or sealing perspective it can be an attractive option. New home builders will generally supply a pressure treated deck for their customers, again due to the lower cost. If you plan to go this route be sure you get a quality contractor so that your deck will be safe and last 25 years. Many pressure treated decks are slapped together very quickly with the minimum quality and code standards used.
Most pressure treated and cedar lumber is not “old-growth” lumber, the grains in the wood are widely separated and the lumber tends to twist, crack or bend when exposed to the weather. Sealing the wood shortly after installation will reduce the twisting, splitting and cupping of the decking. Over time though the wood will crack and splinter. If you have small children that run around in their bare feet or crawl on their hands, splinters will be an issue. If you are thinking about installing a pool at a later date we don’t recommend a softwood deck surface. Many pets have received splinters as well.
There are a lot of options if you prefer a wood deck. Many customers have chosen a combination of materials for the deck and the deck railing. Ipe is a great option for many people as it offers a lifetime deck surface. Wood can be used for the various deck options like privacy screens, bars, benches, pergolas and arbours. We can give you the various options.
If you currently have a wood deck and you require a deck refurbishment the cost will be greatly reduced. The structure is generally in good shape but the deck surface and railing only require updating. Again, we have many options.

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