Patio Roof Systems

1) Patio Roof Systems
Our goal is to supply a quality patio product that complements the style of your home. We have various styles of roof systems available. All of our products are made to withstand the Canadian climate conditions and are Ontario Building Code approved. It is safe to know that you have chosen a product which is strong and durable and built to withstand the tough Ontario conditions.
If you have an old patio roof – isn’t it about time you did something about refreshing your tired outdoor living areas with a stunning new patio roof? We have the combination of knowledge and expert advice with clever designs and with local industry knowledge will listen to every detail in order to help you find the best solution for you, your family and your home!
We are very selective when choosing the products to offer our customers; with a strong focus on quality, aesthetics, real guarantees, strength, and longevity.
If you are on the fence about choosing a patio roof just think of the benefits:
” Enjoy your patio in pretty much any weather: hot sun and rain.
” Feel like you’ve gained an extra room.
” Eat and entertain outdoors whenever you like-under cover.
” Protect patio furniture.
” Modern materials like insulated panel roofs on the patio keep things quiet-even during heavy rain.

The many patio roofs that Blue Dog supplies can attractively cover a veranda, pergola, patio, or carport. A wide variety of designs are available including flat and gabled roofs. Most people discover that a patio roof provides a space where they spend a significant amount of time…comfortably and in almost any weather condition. You feel like you’re enjoying the outdoors but without sitting in the direct sun or rain. Choose from our wide range of styles and colours.

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