Wood Fence

1) Fencing – Wood
Pressure treated (PT) wood fencing is the most economical and can be installed in numerous styles. Either white or western red cedar is an alternative. Cedar does not warp or distort as much as PT fencing and it takes paint or stain much better. The cost is substantially higher using cedar with western red cedar shipped from the west being the most expensive. There are many styles to choose from on a wooden fence. You can get full privacy, semi-private or just a fence to border your property.
Wood fences are low maintenance if you just let them naturally weather. Painting or staining a wood fence adds to its longevity and resistance to weathering but requires another coat every 5 years or so. Wood is very popular due to the economics but also due to the natural, warm and blending in with all exterior environments. If you are on a budget choose a PT wood fence though it will not hold up over the long term like cedar.
2) Gates – Wood

There are many styles of gates that can be made from wood. Cedar is much easier to work with to make gates if you have arches or a complicated pattern. We see so many gates that are manufactured incorrectly and they are lucky to last one season. 80% of the wood gates we walk through don’t open properly or the latch doesn’t work. If your going to have a gate built be sure the company does it correctly. You can buy low-cost hinges and latches but they will rust and fail over a few seasons. We offer stainless steel hardware and believe it is the best option for wood gates that are generally on the heavy side.
Gate posts have to be set properly as they will leverage a lot of weight. Don’t let companies install a gate post in the same manner as an in-line fence post. They need more structural support.

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