Porch Posts & Columns - Vinyl

Vinyl Structural Porch Posts and Columns
The advantage of using vinyl porch posts and columns is that no painting or staining will ever be required. If you require a specific colour to match your house trim or siding then you will have to use either wood or fiberglass. Wood is rarely used on the exterior of homes any longer. Most customers want a low maintenance solution with a lifetime warranty. Structural porch posts and columns are strengthened by using an aluminum insert. We can also supply internal wood support for economical reasons on some styles. Available in various styles in 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″ post sizes. Columns are available in 8″ and 10″ diameters. The lengths are from 8′ to 10′.They are structural which means that they can support a very high weight capacity and suitable for most porches and decks. Porch posts are available in a variety of colors to match our railing.


” No paint or stain will ever be required
” Posts & Columns can be cut to fit
” Structural and Non-structural posts & columns available
” 100% PVC
” Available in white, almond, and clay (not all styles available in all colours)
” Will not yellow
” Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
” Top & bottom trim packages are available with the various hardware

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