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Thank you for visiting our website! You will see numerous styles and material options available for the exterior of your home or business. We have found over the years that customers want different material choices pending their budget or design preferences. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance railing/deck solution or a patio shade product we will have something for you.
All of our personnel try to be the most knowledgeable on all the exterior products available for your railing, deck, fence, patio or porch. Our reputation has been built on providing customers just like you with unbiased and impartial information. Everyone wants to make the right decision for the long term on their outdoor living spaces and we will help you along the way.
We try hard to make the experience a good one before, during, and after your project is completed. Please give us a call so that we can start the process. If you just want to buy a product and perform your own installation we can do that as well.

Blue Dog Exteriors - Deck, Railing, Porch, and Patio Specialists

Blue Dog Exteriors – Deck, Railing, Porch and Patio Specialists
Whether you’re considering a simple project or a complex one, there are many product choices. It’s daunting for some people to decide from various internet sites and brochures. Since we are in the industry and having invested 1,000’s of hours attending trade shows we can have the solution for you. Just give us a call!!

We know which products are readily available and where to get them. We also manufacture or assemble many of our products so if you want something unique we can generally make it for you. Some customers want something custom made with unique features and we have met their needs. Most of our products are made to order to fit your deck, porch or patio. No house or business has exactly the same layout or features. If you want a 9′ high pergola 10′ 6″ wide and 13′ 8″ long in brown vinyl with a smoked glass privacy screen along one side we can make it and install it for you. We have solved many design issues for our customers. No detail goes unnoticed.
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