Sun Rooms

Homeowners that often spend time outside and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature may already have a screen room attached to their home. Those that have had a screen room installed often find themselves spending countless hours in their new patio room during the spring, summer and fall. However, during the hot summer days and the cold winter months, they wish they had some air conditioning or heat so they could enjoy their favourite sitting area. After all, how can you expect to enjoy the lovely scenery in hot sweltering heat or a cold Canadian winter day. Instead of enjoying a screen room for 9 months of the year, you have another alternative in the form of a glassed-in patio enclosure. There are numerous advantages of converting your screen room into a full year-round glass enclosure.
Perhaps you enjoy your screen room when it is the perfect temperature outside. After all, since the walls are made primarily of screens, there is not much you can do to change the temperature inside the screen room. On the other hand, having a glass-enclosed patio would allow you to heat and cool the patio room to offer you the most ideal temperature possible no matter what the weather is like outside. It could be a brisk morning, and you want to enjoy the sunrise with your morning coffee, with a glass enclosure you will enjoy your coffee much more if you are not shivering in your screen room and can relax regardless of the outdoor temperature.
Along with temperature control, glass rooms also give you the opportunity to increase the livable square footage of your home. This can often times increase the value of your home and allow you to recoup the initial investment incurred. If you plan to sell your home in the future a glassed-in patio may be what sets your home apart from one in the same neighborhood without a glassed-in patio.
Many homeowners enjoy their patio, but once the patio is enclosed with glass, the glass room usually becomes the room where most of the time is spent. Glass rooms are completely sealed off from the outside weather so you can watch the pounding rain while drinking a cup or hot chocolate and lounging on your favorite chair inside your glass room. A glassed-in patio on your home allows you to enjoy the space year-round as long as you have the enclosure installed by a professional and it does not leak. The uses of a glass room are unlimited, including but not limited to dining, entertaining, office or work area, children play area, greenhouse, exercise room, arts and crafts room, reading room and an area to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and family get-togethers.
Of course, many homeowners enjoy their screen rooms because they like the feeling of a cool breeze and the smell of the summer night air without being subjected to bugs and insects. The fact that you enclose your patio with windows and a door does not take these benefits away. You may simply open the windows and still enjoy the fresh crisp air that flows through the room and listen to the late night chirp of crickets. Therefore, the advantages of screen rooms can also be experienced in glass rooms while many of the benefits of glass enclosures are lost to their screened counterparts.
Our porch enclosures can use the same glass and storm door systems so if you want to enclose your porch please give us a call.

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