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When we get a call at Blue Dog Exteriors for a new deck project we first want to set up a meeting with the customer to review their needs, design ideas and layout preferences. It is a free at your home consultation. The consultation usually takes about an hour, however, can vary depending on the complexity of your project. The goal of this consultation is to determine the size, layout, products to be used and any other details necessary to provide you with the best design possible. We bring pictures, brochures, and samples of products so that you can get some idea of what materials are available and the approximate cost of each. If you are able to give us a rough budget at this time it can help us to design your project accordingly. Most people don’t want to give budget information because they don’t know or they don’t want to set the price too low or high.
Once we have the dimensions and the chosen layout we use our deck software to design a preliminary deck layout. This is an example of one recently done in Cambridge

Now that we have a layout based on the customer’s input and final changes the cost of your project will be quoted to you accordingly. Some customers want the quote using different materials for the decking, railing, with or without lighting etc.
Once all design changes and materials chosen the pricing is finalized. Now that the final price has been agreed upon we will return to your house for the final proposal and contract signing. At this meeting, we will go through what you can expect once we start construction, an estimated start date, estimated completion date, we will also pick final colors for decking, railings, fascia, etc. We will go through payment terms and collect a down payment.
We go to the city or municipality and apply for a building permit if required. We make sure “Call Before We Dig” to all the necessary utilities, cable, telephone etc. We order all materials if we don’t already have them in stock. Within a few weeks, everything will be ready for your project in our shop unless you ordered something unique that takes a bit longer. Most cities and municipalities take 5-10 days for the building permit to be issued. Within agreed to the time frame we start building your deck. Install appropriate deck support system and complete the framing.


Once the framing is done we install the decking and railing. This customer wanted a privacy screen added on the one side to block out the neighbors and they added a vinyl pergola. We are always happy to add upgrades to your deck if you choose. Unplanned changes can add extra costs but our process is very thorough so they are rare. Just keep in mind if you plan to add something in the future it is much easier to ensure we have the necessary structural support at the framing stage.
Now the exciting part! You get to enjoy your new deck like this customer in Cambridge. Nothing like a job well done by our crew and a happy customer!!!

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