Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Many people use the term “PVC” fence or “vinyl” fence meaning the same thing. Vinyl or PVC is widely used in many exterior products. Window and door frames are made from vinyl as well as a lot of siding materials, soffit and fascia. Vinyl is environmentally friendly as it can all be recycled.
Vinyl fences come in many styles:
” Privacy fence
” Semi-Privacy Fence
” Pool Fence
” Picket Fence
” Rail / Ranch fence
We have a few colours available depending on the style and height of your fence project:
” White
” Tan (White and Tan also available)
” Clay (med. Brown)
” Grey
Everyone loves a nice post cap. They enhance the beauty of a fence and are a nice accent. The most popular post caps are:
” Deep Flange – Pyramid Caps
” New England
” Ball Cap
” Gothic Cap
” Solar cap styles
We can supply other styles if the customer wants a special order.

Vinyl Gates
Gates are very popular made from vinyl whether they are used with a vinyl fence or not. Many customers want a low maintenance product with stainless steel hinges so the vinyl fences are an obvious choice. If you decide on the stainless steel hinges they are easily adjusted if you need some tweaking over time. Using vinyl with stainless hinges and latches will ensure a long lasting durable gate.

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