A beautiful new deck is an excellent way to improve your property while greatly enhancing your enjoyment and your outdoor lifestyle. Most decks are built out of wood because it’s affordable and easy for your builder to work with however there are now many more deck building materials on the market. the most affordable and commonly used would be pressure treated wood decking materials.

Blue Dog Exteriors is a decking building contractor based out of Cambridge, Ontario. We specialize in the design and construction of decks built with wood, metal or composite materials.

Aluminum– Are you looking for a deck built with aluminum? The aluminum decking we use has a locking sea land continuous gutter technology. It provides a gap-less floor for a waterproof decking and roof covering with single layer construction. Aluminum decking is absolutely watertight underneath with no additional plywood or membranes required. the deck boards lock together under pressure to form a waterproof join. in the unlikely event that any moisture gets past the pressure lock, there is an integral gutter in each deck board to carry it away. Aluminum decking uses a hidden fastening system so it looks beautiful when properly installed.







Vinyl- Low Maintenance decking products have become very popular in years. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a low maintenance deck means “no maintenance”  though. Being outside your deck will still get dirty with tree pollens, dust and dirt will still need to be cleaned off with a pressure washer once or twice a year. At Blue Dog Exteriors we sell and install several types of vinyl decking materials including composite decking, extruded PVC decking, capped PVC, and capstock composite. One clear advantage to composite decking materials is that they are lower cost than some of the exotic wood types and they offer many years of durable service.







Wood- Many of our customers want the natural, more rustic appearance of a wood deck. Pressure treated lumber is a great economical choice while others want a natural wood product like western red cedar or IPE to build their deck. Cedar is approximately double the cost of a pressure treated deck and IPE will be approximately double a cedar deck. the lifespan of a maintained pressure treated cedar deck is approximately 25 years. IPE is said to last 100years. Blue Dog Exteriors specializes in custom wood deck design and construction.