Pergolas and Arbours are an excellent way to add more style and aesthetic appeal to your landscaping. They can be beautifully and seamlessly integrated into your existing gardens, pool areas, over your hot tub and more.

Blue Dog Exteriors is a pergola and arbour construction contractor based out of Cambridge, Ontario. we specialize in the design and construction of pergolas and arbours made out wood, vinyl, or aluminium


Wood- A wood pergola gives partial shade and is a great structure for your backyard. you can use climbing plants and flowers to cover your Pergola for added shade and garden elegance.Our pergolas are made from pressure treated wood, white cedar or western red cedar. We only use pressure treated wood for simple designs. We can pre-seal stain or paint the wood prior to installation as it can be difficult to cover all areas after installation. Blue Dog Exteriors has many wood pergola designs to meet your needs and expectations.



Vinyl – a Vinyl pergola can add an enjoyable living space outdoors and it will last a lifetime. No rotting or maintenance required on vinyl pergolas. we can make vinyl pergolas to fit any backyard with our standard or custom designs. Vinyl pergolas come in many sizes from 8″ x 8″ to 16″ x 20″. The designs can have the standard 5″ x 5″ square posts or we can incorporate columns into the design.


Aluminum – Aluminum Pergolas provide a low maintenance structure. various finishes are available including natural wood grain effects as well as solid colours. It is pre-built in our shop and assembled on site. Aluminum pergolas can be matched to our aluminum railings so that you can have a complete project with low maintenance aluminum. it has been tested and engineered for structural integrity that will endure the harsh Canadian climate. 

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