Wood Porch Railing

Wood railings are a dying selection for the front porch of an average home. All new homes being built do not use wood products on their porch exterior railings. The initial cost, priming and painting do not make them an attractive option for the home builder. Also, priming and painting is seasonal so who wants to come back or move in with an unfinished home or business. They also require ongoing maintenance to make them look attractive and builders do not want call backs from customers for repairs or replacement. Although some customers still want wood porches especially on heritage or older stone homes. The wood railings give the home character and match the original railing design of the house.

We still install our share of wood railings on front porches. There are some basic design characteristics that must be followed for wood railings. You must ensure the water runs off the railing quickly and that all joints are sealed correctly. The pickets and spindles must be installed correctly as well to ensure the railing lasts for many years. We have made wood railings up to 16’ in length to match the original design

Wood Deck Railings

Pressure treated wood it is still one of the most popular railings for decks and some porches due to economics. Pressure treated wood top and bottom rails with aluminum pickets or spindle is an attractive option for a deck or porch. We try to talk the customer out of using a complete pressure treated railing with wood pickets as it ages quickly and feels confining when you are sitting on a deck. Painting and staining pressure treated spindles around a deck or porch can be very time consuming, although, if that is your preference, we will do it for you.

There is other woods that can be used for a deck railing as well like cedar or ipe. It depends on your style preference and budget.